Company Valher through history and time

Boilers under the brand VALHER produced since way back in 1971. The modest starting in the furnace began to manufacture the father of the current owner. In the first years of production, it is held at around 100 m2, are produced around one hundred units per year. In the nineties, the family tradition of producing boilers for heating continued Thomas. With its own R & D staff and their innovative thinking, the company ten years ago began to develop special pellet boilers, combined boilers for solid fuel and pellets, and recently also log gasification boilers. Company Thomas Valherja with its novel approaches in the development and manufacturing, creating products with a number of advantages.
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VALHER heating systems d.o.o. is a company specialising in the development, design and manufacture of biomass boilers for central heating. Their boilers are known for quality workmanship and long service life. Valher pellet boilers meet the standards of both Slovenian and Austrian Eco Fund.

Contact info:
Tel.: +386 2/67 40 290
Fax: +386 2/67 40 291

Our technologies

Laser cutting

For the process of Laser cutting pieces of metal into smaller components for boilers Valher we use the machine Salvagnini Fiber Laser L3-30. The machine enables us to make our own parts for Valher products and also parts for other companies.

Bending of sheet metal

For bending of sheet metal, we use the Italian machine Salvagnini B2-100-3000 which enables us to produce internal and external parts of the Valher boilers, as well as iron parts for other machines and other businesses.

Manual welding

Many welding is performed by robots. But some of the weldings is also performed manually. We are qualified for MIG, MAG and TIG welding processes. Profi masters weld Valher boilers according to the needs in several ways.
Partner: Varstroj

Robot welding

For better results and faster workflow in the company, Valher machines are used for robot welding. The new robot from company Varstroj commands 2 ways of welding and thus improves the offer robotic welding, which until now contained only one single cell Varstroj system.
Partner: Varstroj


Microsoft Windows 8.1

On workstations with two monitors and Intel or AMD based CPUs, we use licensed Microsoft Windows 8.1 that are supported by Microsoft Office office suites.

Corel Draw Graphics Suite

Department of marketing at the company VALHER makes and designs posters, flyers and ads with Corel Draw software packages. Software packages Corel Draw are widespread, standardised and known worldwide.

Ptc Windchill in Ptc Creo Parametic

The development department that constructs boilers Valher uses licensed software PTC Windchill and PTC Creo parametric. PTC software is used for 3D design and product development and connects the world of computing with the world of machines.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision in CRM

For sales promotions and management of the company, the company Valher uses advanced CRM systems from Microsoft. The advantage over the competitors is computer literacy.