Classical steel boilers Valher STK on solid fuel are the systems which we sell for the longest time. The fireplace is made of high-quality boiler steel 5 mm thick, which is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Great a loading aperture allows the use of thicker logs, which ensures long-lasting performance on a single charge. Easy to clean and durable good yield is provided with easy access to flat exchange surfaces. The casing of the boiler is powder coated and effectively insulated with thermal insulation of glass wool high density. The door of the boiler can be adjusted for a left or right opening. Boilers for protection against overheating as standard equipped with safety cooling coil, which is necessary to connect the thermal safety. On the back side of the boiler are hydraulic connections. The chimney is installed on the rear side of the boiler is installed and the valve mechanism for the detention of the latter, to be operated from the front side. Made in Slovenia.



STK 15STK 20
Power: [kW] 12 - 1717 - 22
Recovery: [%] 7474
Max length of logs: [mm]430430
width:  [mm] 550550
depth: [mm]820820
Height: [mm]10701070


       STK 2014 prerez z oznakami       
1. Holders of the boiler
2. Security exchanger
3. Flue gas connection
4. Large cleaning opening
5. Flat Exchangers
6. The loading door
7. Big fireplace
8. Cleaning door
9. Water-cooled grate
10. The ash container


STK ventilacijska odprtina

Adjustable vent opening at the loading door serves the "drying" of the combustion chamber, thereby reducing the accumulation of tar and other deposits on the walls.

STK hladilna spirala

The standard integrated safety exchanger made of stainless steel will protect the boiler from overheating or power failure.

STK 15 20 termometer

Convenient thermometer mounted boiler water, for easy control's fast water temperature in the boiler.