Modern steel boilers DKN solid fuel with two separate fireboxes and the possibility of installing a pellet burner or heating oil. The fireplace is made of high-quality boiler steel 5 mm thick, which is resistant to temperature and corrosion. The special boiler has an additional furnace pellets or fuel oil, which is located under the firebox with solid fuel. The boiler is already prepared for the installation of pellet burner or burners in fuel oil. The design of the boiler enables easier switching between different fuels since the change of the fuel is not required any physical intervention. The door of the boiler can be adjusted for a left or right opening. Easy to clean and durable good yield is provided with easy access to flat exchange surfaces. The casing of the boiler is powder coated and effectively insulated with thermal insulation of glass wool high density. Ideal solution also enables the subsequent upgrade to pellet system. Made in Slovenia.



DKN 20DKN 25
DKN 30
DKN 35
DKN 40
Power - firewood:[kW]17 - 2222 - 2727 - 3232 - 3737 - 42 
utilization of firewood:[%]66 - 7466 - 7460 - 7465 - 7365 - 73
Power  of supplementary combustion chamber:[kW]2025303540
width:  [mm] 600600600650650
depth: [mm]84596596510201020
height: [mm]15101510151015101510


       DKX prerez z oznakami       
1. Boiler holders
2. Microprocessor control
3. Flue gas connection
4. Cleaning opening
5. Flat Exchangers
6. Firebox for solid fuel
7.  loading doors
8. Water cooled grate
9. Cleaning door
10. Firebox for pellets
11. Cleaning door


DKP spodnje kurisce

Innovatively designed separately below fireplace serves simple and quick switching between different fuel. It provides a simple extension of the heating system with the addition of other energy product.

DKN rocica dimnika detajl

The front adjustable flap for the comfortable detention of the smoke output is installed at the rear side of the boiler.

DKN detajl avtomatike

The standard supplied and already installed basic control elements for controlling the oil burner.