STP steel boilers for solid fuel and pellet with one furnace. Firebox is made of quality boiler steel of thickness 5 mm. The boiler has a stylish container attached pellets of equal dimensions, which are carefully hidden screw conveyor and advanced micro process and automatic pellet burner. Special boiler conversion is doors that allow easy and fast processing and switches the boiler from the operation of the pellet solid fuel. Technology burner for optimum combustion and due to the simultaneous cooling of parts exposed to high temperatures, long product life. The housing is powder coated and effectively insulated with high-quality insulation made of high-density glass wool.



STX 25
STX 30
STX 35
STX 40
Moč peleti:[kW]8 - 259 - 3011 - 3512 - 40
Moč drva:[kW]22 - 2727 - 3232 - 3737 42
Volumen zalogovnika:[kg]150150170170


       STK 2014 prerez z oznakami       
1. Holders of the boiler
2. Security exchanger
3. Flue gas connection
4. Large cleaning opening
5. Flat Exchangers
6. The loading door
7. Big fireplace
8. Cleaning door
9. Water-cooled grate
10. The ash container


Samo gorilnik

Own developed and manufactured pellet burner with a controlled mixing primary and secondary air ensures low emissions. The shape and advanced technology of cooling of all parts that are exposed to high temperatures, providing long life.

STP dvojna vrata

Easy and fast switching between fuel thanks to a special exchange neck.

STP zalogovnik z regulacijo

Stylish compact shape because of a combination of hidden worm conveyor with gearbox and microprocessor regulation.