Modern steel gasification boilers UPX-P with twin fireplace on wood and biomass pellets. The winning combination of gasification boilers and pellet boilers special one. They use the most advanced combustion control technology to regulate primary and secondary combustion air and the modulation of the main fan. This way of managing the boiler with innovative solutions other (pyrolysis) of the combustion chamber helps achieve extremely low emissions and high efficiency. The product is distinguished by a large a loading aperture, automatic cleaning turbulators, quite separate regulation of primary air, secondary air intake fan, completely cold tail gate (Hyper Cool), easy access to all electrical and electronic components. UPX-P, therefore, represents the cutting-edge solutions from the house Valher, which will provide you with high-efficiency burning both logs and pellets.



UPX - 1PUPX - 3P
Power firewood:
[kW]10 - 1820 - 27
The utilization of wood:[%]9291,3
Power pellets:[kW]5 - 189 - 29
The utilization of pellets:[%]9393,2
width:  [mm] 11601220
depth: [mm]12891289
Height: [mm]14601600


      UPX prerz bel       
1. Fuel storage room
2. Large  loading doors
3. Inspection doors
4. Cleaning  doors
5. The combustion nozzle
6. Turbulence combustion chamber
7. Pellet burning chamber
8. Heat Exchanger
9. An automatic mechanism for cleaning the exchanger
10. Smoke chamber with fan and lambda probe
11. Flue gas
12. Motor and primary air flap
13. Motor and secondary air flap
14. The display microprocessor control
15. The external boiler door
16. The cover of the boiler
17. Cover the fan


Patentna vloga

Innovative patented vortex combustion chamber enables complete combustion of all the products and achieves record low emissions.

Valher UPK I detajl

The ease of maintenance due to the above accessible electrical and electronic equipment.

UPX prerez III

The lower chamber for collecting dust and. ash from the burning of the wooden biomass is deliberately used to burn pellets.