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Pellet burner kit GP is a freelance kit consists of a burner, control, drive and pellet hopper, volume 150 kg. It is intended for mounting in a variety of solid fuel boilers. The entire set is the result of our own development and years of experience. The technology enables the burner for optimum combustion and simultaneous cooling of parts exposed to high temperatures, long product life. Motor-controlled damper system provides additional savings by preventing cooling of the boiler when the burner is stopped. Due to the technology of mixing primary and secondary air to the burner feature with low emissions of harmful gases. Designed, developed and made in Slovenia.



GP 25GP 35
Power - Rated:
[kW]9 - 3015 - 50 
Power - useful: *[kW]
 6 - 2510 - 35
The volume of the tank: [kg]150150
* Usable power directly depends on the efficiency of the boiler where the burner is installed.


      GP komplet tocke       
1. Screw conveyor with gear,

2. The loading door of the storage room,

3.  150 kg of the hopper,

4. Microprocessor control in the housing,

5. Safety thermostat,

6. Air-cooled pellet burner

7. The base frame burner.


Samo gorilnik

Own developed and manufactured pellet burner with a controlled mixing primary and secondary air ensures low emissions. The shape and advanced technology of cooling of all parts that are exposed to high temperatures, providing long life.

GP25 zalogovnik prednji DETAJL

150 kg hopper with the possibility of installing left or right beside the boiler, which facilitates installation.

GP krmilnik

Advanced microprocessor control allows easy adjustment to different qualities of pellets .